My husband had once been a boxer so he was fit for many, many years of our marriage.  I honestly cannot say that I ever remember him never lifting up a weight or doing something at our clubhouse exercise room.  As he got older, stress became quite an issue; first it was during my first (honeymoon) pregnancy that I became very ill and it took a toll on our newly hatched bliss–there was a loss of interest which escalated and eventually it became a mental issue.  At the end of the pregnancy I didn’t have the greatest ease of delivering our daughter; I nearly died and it took a few years to recover.  Needless to say the toll on my mental health didn’t improve for about 17 long years. Through that time we definitely couldn’t see eye-to-eye on a few things, for lack of a better explanation.  Because I want to believe I’m a woman of faith, I prayed for all of those years