It’s been almost 4 months since our daughter @calah_elisabeth was diagnosed with #kidneyfailure (aka #kidneydisease or #renalfailure). To this day, she fights for her life. I know it’s hard for people to know what to say, what to do, how to act. Here’s the trick…just love on her and often let her know you’re fighting this with her (who couldn’t use a bit of encouragement now and then, eh?). I sometimes believe silence may be more damaging than the disease itself. We all have it in us to text, to hug, to lift up, to encourage, to step out of our disbelief that we can’t make a difference even with just a note to say we’re praying; it’s not easy all the way around. Take it from someone who knows! In a very abridged version, Calah has her semi-decent days where she may get a spike of energy. She’ll do good for a short time, then she becomes exhausted (where with us we may just feel a little winded) and needs to rest. For the most part, she’s in her bed. She may “look” good, but don’t be fooled-she’s just as good at masking her symptoms as the disease has done to her. She refuses to let this hold her back from doing as much as she can. I get the impression that people believe that since Calah is on dialysis, that she is back to normal; that is farthest from the truth. The machine is an artificial kidney performing the functions we have in our normal daily lives, which we take for granted. She goes 3x per week in 3-hour sessions. It is an exhausting process, though some days she may have a bit more energy for whatever reason or another. In truth, God is seeing fit to use this machine to keep her alive. We would not otherwise have her with us. We’re currently attempting to find the cause of the failure as we believe that there’s more that we don’t know. She really can’t make any decisions for her future until we know for sure that this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for your continued prayers. This battle we’re fighting to victory! #keeppraying #fighter #survivor #dialysis #fightingforherlife #victorious

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