Standing Firm

Today my Son, Malachi, told me that his teacher had his class listen to some music for creative thinking, and he told them to write what it made them feel. This is Mal’s rendition. I thought it was very worthy to be published.

As I walk through the town of an old, abandoned city, I hear echoes of wind on crumbling concrete. I hear the rustling of rats on the gravel floor. But, in the distance, there is a house that stands tall in all of its glory, looking as white as white can be. It was as if I was walking through the town, that I imagined that there is one place I can take refuge when everything around me is crumbling and falling to the ground. I can take refuge in The Church because as long as the Lord stands, then so shall that building; and the Lord’s light will shine down upon the building. The building will withstand all storms, trials, and fires while they try to knock it down. And it will stand through the darkest hour because it is built on a strong Foundation, a Rock that cannot be moved; and that Rock is Jesus.