I went to read the devotion for today and immediately knew it was a repeat of yesterday’s. Turned out it must be an error because you’ll find that if you go to the publisher’s website, http://ift.tt/174W4G3, your you’ll find that yesterday’s devotion should’ve been about Your 1st Question. I read that from the site in lieu of the app error and yes, @calah_elisabeth, I sent them an email. #day3 Complete! Favorite Part in (yesterday’s) devotion: Eve’s first mistake was to engage with the serpent in conversation. We are created to converse with God, not the devil. It’s very easy to allow the devil to have the last word. We need to be careful what we allow in our thoughts (which become our words, which become actions, which become habits, which become your character, which becomes your destiny). They all started somewhere and noone but you makes you do it. Favorite (today’s) Scriptures: Psalm 3 (all of it though there’s not enough room to list it here, unfortunately). #bibleinayear #youversion #biblechallenge #scriptures #readthebible #bible #challenge #together #encourageoneanother #accountability #beaccountable #readthebible #bibleinoneyear #bibleinoneyearchallenge2017 #bibleinoneyear2017

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