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@Regrann from @docjenfit – WHEEL POSE ✨ urdhva dhanurasana ✨

To finish off opening into full wheel pose, we have to address the hips!
The hips consist of the pelvis (the hip bones you feel) which connect with the femurs (the long thigh bone). The pelvis connects to the low back through the sacrum (the tailbone). If this isn’t confusing enough, you have muscles surrounding everything!
Muscles restricting full range hip extension can include:
🔹Iliacus: connecting from the pelvis to the femur, this pulls the hip into flexion (a portion of the famous iliopsoas most have heard of)
🔹Psoas: making up the rest of the iliopsoas is your dominant hip flexor muscle. Yet, because this connects into the spine (which is bending closer to the pelvis in wheel pose), the upper portion of your psoas will actually not be as taut as the lower portion connecting into the femur. This is why when truly stretching the iliopsoas muscle, you want to try to keep the low back as straight as possible! Contrary to popular belief 😉
🔹Adductors: though these muscles mostly work to pull the legs closer together, the adductor longus & gracilis also act to flex the hip
– 🔹Rectus Femoris: this superficial quad muscle connects from the hip bone on the pelvis down to the knee. It plays a large role in flexing the hip –
🔹TFL: the tensor fasciae latae (which is just fun to say because it sounds like a good cup of ☕️😜) connects into the IT Band along the side of the leg. It also helps flex the hip. Don’t forget about the little guy! –
🔹Sartorius: this is the muscle guys love when bringing their foot over their knee in sitting. Another hip flexor!
Now that’s a lot of muscles to address! Probably more than you thought. But if tight, it also makes it hard to bend the knees . Learn to love the foam roll &/or small yoga balls. Don’t make yourself cry with it all, and don’t roll with it for more than a couple minutes. The goal is to affect the receptors under the skin to decrease nerve sensitization within the muscle. Basically, you’re trying to tell your brain to chill out! If you go too aggressively, you might inhibit this response and make the nervous system even more freaked out!
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