#day31 Complete! 🕯️Favorite Devotional Parts:🕯️ Jesus was more than just a #spiritual leader. He gives a practical and effective leadership model for all organisations, for all people, for all situations. Jesus was the greatest leader of all time. Don’t be surprised that sometimes there are those who completely reject God. The Bible never says that ‘the wicked’ will receive justice in this life. Sometimes they do, but at other times they seem to get away with it. Don’t be surprised if you see ‘the wicked’ spending their years in prosperity. Don’t be surprised if you see ‘the innocent’ suffering. God seems to allow both in this life. (This is not to say that we should ever be complacent about injustice or the suffering of the innocent, but rather do all in our power to combat both.) Imagine someone important coming to visit your home. You would probably do a number of things to get ready. You would get yourself ready. You would ensure others in the house were ready, and you would ensure that the house itself was ready, looking clean and tidy. 🗝️Favorite Passage(s)🗝️: Psalm 18:1-3, 6 Matthew 21:14 Job 1:1, 4, 25, 29 Job 20:4-29 #youversion #bibleinoneyear #bibleinoneyear2017 #bible #god #kjv #readthebible #scripture  #bibleinayear #jesus #accountable  #biblechallenge #needjesus #gethealthy #prosperity #bibleinoneyearchallenge2017  #christianlife  #godspromise #blessings #studygodsword #readtheword #wordofgod

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