My daughter @calah_elisabeth has been through it since July, 2016. She had a busy day but we’re hopeful and prayerful it’s the beginning of great miracles of God which we’ve discovered along this journey. She wrote today: •Today has been crazy, but I feel hopeful• Pardon the sleeves I had to wear for treatments and also the scarring on my arm, it’s my access for dialysis. I’m not disclosing to many what these treatments are just yet. I’m just taking a leap and trying some things. My one Dr was in Canada 🇨🇦 so we facetimed him for a videoed interview before the major treatment. After that I went to a pretty cool Dr to try some extra natural things to remove the uranium that was found in my body. Interestingly enough, uranium only attacks the kidneys and raises BP! So slowly but surely I am getting answers and God has put amazing people into my life to help me attempt healing myself! @abitofheavenonearth I am asking for some serious prayer regarding all of this as well. I want whatever the Lord wills! #keeppraying #kidneydialysis #esrd #godworksmiracles #hegetstheglory no matter what! #trust #miracles

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