What a Terrible Decision

It’s been several years since I truly desires to sit out in the sun and try to get tan. Because I wear contacts my eyes are more sensitive, and I’m not a fan of getting super hot while trying to get some color. Last week I went with my daughter to my niece’s home to enjoy some time sitting by the pool with some of her extended family of girls. It was a nice warm day. The sun was shining very well. Off and on the clouds would come through. The girls would tell me that I need to put on some sunscreen and I shrugged it off because I felt terrible always having to use other people’s things instead of my own. Needless to say, that has been a big, big mistake this time.  I didn’t quite look like a lobster at first. The next day it truly started to come out; and it was much worse than I thought.  I had on regular clothes (I’m apostolic so I choose not to go out unclothed in public), which I allowed for enough sun to do its job. My arms got a heavy burn but my legs were scorched, to put it mildly. It’s been 5 days and my left leg is looking almost back to normal, though it’s still red. My right leg is quite a different story. I’ve had severe pain, and my leg has turned purple in the areas where it was burned. I’ve never felt this type of pain in my life.  When you lay down everything is good. You can’t quite get the greatest of comfort, but it’s far easier than standing. When I stand up the pain is horrific because, from what I understand, it’s from the blood traveling from the top to the bottom of your leg in a rush.  At times it also feels like I twisted my leg (because of the nerve pain from the burn). Honestly, it sort of feels like that but add pain to it. It makes you want to scream.  It’s a lot easier when you walk around; but definitely don’t stand in one place. I’ve often been applying lavender and coconut oil on the areas. I’ve been praying and asking God that I didn’t do permanent damage. I repented to him for my stupidity because it’s definitely something I will not be doing again. Once my body completely heals, I won’t be afraid to go out in the sun. I’m just going to be extra cautious. I’ve learned a very hard and painful lesson. 


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