My beautiful daughter, @calah_elisabeth seeing off her grandmother, @seamstresstc, after grandma got her release papers, and now she’s at our home to recuperate. We’re not sure of Calah’s homebound timeframe, as they’re trying to get her BP under control. But otherwise she’s doing great! GFR (kidney function) yesterday was 70%, while, for so long it was recorded @ <5% function (100% is obviously perfectly healthy level). Her creatinine is between 1-2 (normal female range is 0.5 to 1.1), while that number's been averaging between 9-10 for countless months (it was 15+ at her diagnosis); those numbers are so very exciting to me (and to those who understand kidney function), and I've longed to see them improve. My Mom's kidney, at almost 70 years old, is doing very well for my daughter, and it shows because she extracted over 24 liters of liquid (to put it nicely) before her Foley cath was finally removed this morning. While we have a lot to learn and the bumps are not over, we're grateful for the selfless sacrifice my Mom made for my daughter's chance at having a near – normal life. Thank you, Mom, you have no idea what it means to me, and I pray for blessings in your life that you've never known. I love you. . . . . . #kidneyawareness #nomoreesrd #kidneytransplant #kidney #foley #daughter #gfr #mother #love #creatinine #thankful #homebound #beautiful #calahstrong #grandma #blood #bloodpressure #grandmother #warrior #sacrifice

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