A Bit About Me

To be continued… To those of you who know nothing about me. This is a small rendition of some of my life.
I grew up as a non-religious only child with my awesome Mom, my step-father, and my beloved pets. I can remember a couple of times when my interest was peaked (especially) with a middle school friend who had suddenly changed (to religion), and also one who went to church her entire life. My first friend started wearing different clothes, stopped watching TV, and cussing was an offense to her. She became very quiet and reserved, and I needed to understand what happened; she told me she found Jesus. My interest was peaked but it just wasn’t my time; I still think about her and hope one day to reconnect. My other friend had a deacon family, and later a brother-in-law pastor, but they just never got me to understand why I needed to be baptized.
My (especially) late teen through early twenty years were difficult and emotionally rocky, especially when I made some regrettable life-altering decisions. I was miserable, in a rut, and going around in circles. Also during my early twenties I decided I wanted to become a Marine Biologist, particularly with humpback whales in Washington or Alaska (pretty hefty goals). During my early tenure, I realized I’d have to work harder and longer since I wasn’t the brightest student in high school. While visiting an open house at a university I wanted to attend, I found it quite odd that while leaving and after having only met a few moments before, that someone working there has told me that they loved me; I walked away quite miffed. I later decided not to apply to that university because I was uncomfortable with the enforcement of their religious prerequisites, which I’d later realize they would be contrary to my beliefs. Fast fwd a couple years…I took a position at a (unrealized by me – religious based) company, which I absolutely loved, and became the turning point of my life. There were 7 people in the company who all attended the same church, which God used to nudge me here and there; He just wouldn’t let me be (which is most definitely not a bad thing). Often I’d ask questions, and I’m sure they were biting at the bit about the prospect of my inquisition, and were happy to oblige the answers I sought. It was a few months and I gave in to plan a visit (for the wrong reasons). I quit attending for a month and then decided to go back again; after that I never stopped. Looking back, I can see that God didn’t want me to attend that religious university, get baptized at my friend’s church, or follow up with my born-again friend; and because I became a faithful follower, I know He wouldn’t want me traveling the world in the hopes of studying the magnificent marine life He’s created. He had a plan for me which outshined the one I prepared; it has been my lifeline since January, 1993, and I’ve never been the same. It was there I met my husband, and God blessed us with two of the most beautiful and awesome kids. We’ve had our hopes and downs, but not ins and outs. I can’t do this thing without Him. There’ll be a time that I’ll still see go see those gorgeous humpbacks, but that’ll be when we’re aiming for a long Australian vacation, and I can’t wait!!
On July 30, 2016, we received the most devastating news we couldn’t have possibly imagined; after having been (noticeably) ill for some time, our baby girl (now 22) was diagnosed with kidney injury (let’s just call it what it is-kidney failure). She had stage 5, which was the end-stage (ESRD, or end stage renal disease), as they call it ; it became the roughest time in my life, and I (internally) honestly didn’t know if I could be strong enough to get through the storm we’d weather. She spent 8 days in the hospital. And before the 8 days were up, she had had 4 hemodialysis treatments. It was a harrowing 8 days of unknowns, questions, and tremendous confusion. I only left the hospital when I was relieved by my husband, or maybe a friend of Calah’s, to go shower and get a few things done before I headed back.