My Fitness Journey

I used to be an avid weight lifter/exercise guru.  I went to the Gold’s, the Vic Tanny’s, and the Powerhouse gyms; that was in my early twenties.  A couple of decades and two beautiful children later, I had no desire to pick up a weight let alone have any interest of ridding myself of my baby bump; it wasn’t terrible, it was just there–thankfully my husband loved me just the same.

It wasn’t until this past October, 2015, that I suddenly decided I wanted to make a change; I may be tall and thin, but I’m definitely not fit and tremendously active.  I honestly cannot remember a time that my husband hasn’t been lifting weights.  He’s never tried to push me though I’m sure he secretly hoped I would join him so we’d have another thing do to in common.  He ordered the Body Beast program and I worked out with him for about a month.  After that time, I decided that I just didn’t need all of the weight lifting–that part of my past was just that–the past–and that particular program just wasn’t for me.  I did a bit more investigating and found out that there were many programs on the Beach Body site.  I ultimately decided for my age that Tony Horton‘s P90 was a good start and I haven’t turned back.  I’m very grateful for having started.  I physically feel better and my mental clarity has become clearer; not to mention that certain foods are becoming unappealing–I can’t look at cooked foods like I used to; they just don’t look good to me.

I have to believe that because I began this new journey at a later age, that the results will take time to appear.  There was a point a couple of weeks ago that I was ready to throw in the towel–at the very beginning I took all my measurements and was weighed.  I did that a couple of times and saw absolutely no change EVEN THOUGH I was putting all of my heart and body into the programs; I was and I still am determined.  As I went on, I decided that measurements and weights were just not important because I was really only interested in seeing the physical change in those unappealing areas.  Weeks later I decided to try again because the mirror didn’t lie–nothing was changing.  Let’s just say that I should never have taken out my tape measure.  I was becoming desperate so I contacted (unbeknownst to me) the ultimate coach of the top Beach Body team in the company, Melanie Mitro, of the Dream Team.  Ultimately I found that I definitely needed to eat three meals per day.  I was really not much of a breakfast eater so that was has been a little tough.  I realize that by doing so, I’m truly using the food I eat to feed the muscle I’m trying to build and, at the same time, rid myself of the excess.  No food and nothing for your muscles to eat from except themselves is definitely a no-no..  Another thing was that I need to drink water, water, water–that in itself is a trial for me because I grew up on beverages (not of the alcoholic variety) other than water.  Most of the time I really don’t drink much so that is definitely discipline on my part.

Although it may take some time, I can say that I’m becoming physically stronger and I can see the toning take effect in some areas–I’m trying to be patient while thesuccess-quote-picture-quote-300x203 other, and most important, areas are taking a bit longer than I had hoped to show.  I say more power to those who start a weight loss or health journey and who have no desire to give up.   Don’t quit.  You’ll never know where you could be by throwing in the towel!!